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Be Good to your Gut…

My interest in eating for better health started in August 2005 when I was struck down with a PE (Pulmonary Embolism) I am very lucky to be alive, it was life threatening, and I very nearly didn’t survive.  It was that which took me on an intense full year of discovery, learning and ‘hunger’ for knowledge and information on foods which could cure you, help you heal and not only aid recovery, but impact hugely on prevention.

In my case research, studying and eating for health; ‘functional foods’ was aimed at eating for my blood health; anti-clotting and for thinning, through this I was able to ditch the prescribed drugs and manage my blood through nutrition alone (and still to this day do), therefore I am a huge believer in the power of optimum health through nutrition.

Healthy gut flora is critical to overall health, neglecting your gut and its health can lead to a many illnesses or issues; Autoimmune Illnesses, Poor Mental Health, Poor Immune Health, Type 2 Diabetes, Skin Conditions, IBS and many more.  Gut health is so often overlooked, but is an area where simple adjustments and actions can be taken to get good gut health back on track if you have lost your way.

Everyday foods such as Bananas, Blueberries, Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables (kale, cabbage, and cauliflower) are a great place to start with gut bacteria, aid with digestion and keep your gut balanced; in turn give you a healthier life.

In addition, including fermented foods (probiotic) in your daily diet is the best way to keep your gut happy and healthy, and with these being more readily available and with a wider choice, there’s really no reason (or excuse!) for us to not have them in our diets.

I’ve been looking around the fermented category, a new brand I’ve come across is Hurly Burly, with their range of Organic ‘Raw Slaws’.  They sound delicious with their natural flavours; Jalapeno & Oregano, Lemon and Ginger and Turmeric and Cumin, I’m looking forward to giving them a try.

Keeping your gut happy ‘on the go’ is achievable too when you look at the array of delicious products on offer; these include tonics and probiotic tonics; I love the range available from Purearth.

Cultured milk drinks are also readily available and make for a tasty snack, breakfast or dessert, these were brought to my attention by Biotiful Dairy and am a huge fan of these.  You can even find chocolate courtesy of Ohso these first came onto my radar about 3 years ago, when I subscribed to their delivery service, a small yummy bar for every day, my son used to grab these from the postman!

We really do owe it to ourselves to invest in our gut health, guarantee we’d all feel much better every day if we make adjustments to cater for out guts in our daily lives, it’s not that difficult either, here’s a few tips to keep your gut happy;

  • Limit your intake of processed foods
  • Regularly include foods which contain live cultures or probiotic bacteria
  • Include plenty of vegetables and fruit in your diet.
  • Consume lacto-fermented foods.
  • Try to reduce your stress levels – exercise is great for this, for me that’s through swimming, but that’s a whole other story which I’ll share another time!



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