Growing your Food and Drink Business... - Claire Brumby

Growing your Food and Drink Business…

Hi, I’m Claire Brumby – The Food Guide, Mentor, Consultant and Speaker.

The Food Guide was born through a real passion to help, teach, mentor and ‘guide’ food and drink entrepreneurs, using the knowledge, experience and battle scars I gained founding my own award winning brand; Scrubbys Vegetable Crisps.  I want you to be successful, happy, and fulfilling your foodie dreams.

Here are my top 3 tips for anyone at whatever stage they are in their journey;


Most foodies start their journey as single founders or maybe with a partner, it can be a very isolated and lonely place, but doesn’t have to be.  I believe to maximise chances of success you should network, collaborate, make friends with likeminded inspirational or impressive people.  Along my journey I can recall many a time where I would have given anything to meet someone like I am now; you see I have felt the pain, the confusion, the lack of direction, doubting yourself, your product, your brand, the physical and mental drain;  but I’m here to say to you all that I have in abundance fire in my belly to help you, I understand and get it, and I promise you I can support you, clear the confusion, ease the pain and help you win, follow your passion and achieve your dream.


No matter what you are tackling, work backwards from the goal you want to achieve.  If for example you are trying to get a buyer to pick the phone up, read the email, list your product.  Build the ‘pitch’ from their viewpoint.  All too often when you are passionate about your product you can get ‘too close’ and lost in your passion.  Turn the sell around; why should they list you?  What’s in it for them?  How will you enhance the category?  What is the benefit?  It’s an obvious one, but it’s a good reminder to come back to base with.


This applies in all you undertake from your product to your branding and marketing.  I believe to get ahead and stay there you need to implement your creativity and innovation.  By doing both you will engage with your consumers better. The food industry is fast moving, and we are all constantly on the lookout for the next thing, or the newest way to be, by keeping creativity and innovation as your benchmarks I believe not only will you have bigger wins, but you’ll enjoy your business more.

I have a very real and honest way of working, what is it you need? Sales, strategy, confidence boost, marketing plan, on-going mentoring?  I will share equally how I gained my wins and the mistakes I made from my journey to better help you.  I have a built a strong network over the years, so if I don’t have the answer you need, I am sure I will be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.  Here are a couple of snippets from recent testimonials;

‘Claire’s calm, warm and efficient approach was just what I needed to focus on my new priorities. She has an eye for strategic planning and a great way of breaking the process into ‘bite size’ pieces to take away the overwhelm. I would recommend anyone needing a business coach to invest in themselves and work with Claire’.

‘I loved working with Claire, because she was personable and understanding. Aside from her wealth of knowledge of growing a food business, she’s also a trusted person, who takes the time to know about your business and gives you the honest truth. Claire really helped us to take a step back and create a fantastically focused strategy for sales and marketing. I’m looking forward to working with Claire again in the future.’

You know your business, your space, your market and product.  You know why you started your food brand, if it’s a case of putting these pieces back together with you I can do that.

If you are just starting out and planning on launching your food business, I can work with you and create a plan on ‘How to launch your food business’. I have broken this down into 8 steps;

  1. Market Research; where’s the gap in the market, what’s your USP? Are you passionate about the product?
  2. How will you bring your idea to life? Do you have the finances, skills and resources required?
  3. Your product; how will you make it, who will make it? It must taste scrumptious!
  4. Legal ‘Stuff’ – Labelling, legislation, shelf life etc.
  5. How to create your brand; name, logo, message, what is the personality of your brand?
  6. Sales; costs, margins, profit, buyers, cashflow.
  7. Marketing; who are your customers? How will you reach them?
  8. FUN!; I firmly believe you need to have fun, if the fun or passion die so does your business.

What is it you need help with in your business the most right now?

I am offering a FREE ½ hr Skype call.  All businesses and the opportunities and challenges they face are unique, so having read all the above, if you feel there is any aspect I can help on, please take my offer of the FREE Skype call.  This is an evergreen offer, limited to 1 call per business.

I hope to work with and help you soon, Claire


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