Nourish Food Awards Gala Dinner - Claire Brumby

Nourish Food Awards Gala Dinner

Last night I had the huge privilege of being a keynote speaker for The Nourish Food Awards at their Gala Dinner.  The room was packed with creative, innovative, positively disruptive, courageous and inspirational entrepreneurs.

The awards are a celebration of healthy food and drink producers, with each and every one of them on their own personal mission to change the food landscape for the good of consumers health.

This theme formed the base of my own story, founding a healthier snacking brand with roots back to 2009 when healthy snacking wasn’t a category, or even on the horizon, with all the odds you can imagine stacked against me.

I also had the amazing role of being a special awards judge for the awards earlier in the year, and I can vouch for all the winners that their products not only fulfil the health credentials, but they taste truly amazing too.

The evening was more than a celebration of food though, it was a celebration of the sheer grit, determination and resilience at the core of all the winners and entrants.

This is my passion, 100%, I am on a mission to coach, help, inspire, motivate, support and be the ‘wingman’ to food, drink, product and eager entrepreneurs who need someone to believe in them: tell them they CAN do it, show them the way forward when the dark times overwhelm, and lead them to growth, whilst diverting them from the pitfalls, and ultimately enabling them to enjoy their journey too.

The Future of Food belongs to the Challengers.

I truly believe that the challengers are in an amazing position right now, the bigger guys don’t have the same tools of swift innovation, entrepreneur like thinking, sheer drive and ability that the smaller guys have in abundance.

One of the sweetest moments of the evening was seeing some of my own clients walking on stage to collect their awards.

I feel so grateful that I am trusted so much in people’s businesses and lives in the way I am. I was asked in the Q/A session after I’d spoken if I had a desire to have my own product again.

My answer, no.  The reason: I have the enviable position now of being involved in so many products, and the rewards for both me and my clients are amazing. I love my work to the point it doesn’t feel like work, and I get the results for my clients, what a place to have arrived at in life, where my passion, mission, life and work all positively blend.

I shared some of the things I now have zero tolerance in life to since surviving a life-threatening condition which went on to be the catalyst for me entrepreneurial journey:

* BullSh*t (I didn’t have that much in the first instance, but now I have none

* Time Wasters

* Procrastination (although I am human, and have to kick my own arse from time to time)

* Merely existing

* Fake, meaningless people or conversations

* Living in comfort zones

* Settling for less than I know I am capable of

* Not shouting up, and keeping my mouth shut when i know I should speak out

* Not living to the full

* Giving a f*uck about unimportant stuff (I save those for stuff I REALLY care about)

* In summary, to not being in life 100%





Finally, if you’d like me to speak at your event, coach you or your teams, motivate your workplace, help you think like a challenger if you’re a bigger player, or have me as your wingman mentoring you to find your winning mix, give me a shout 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday gorgeous people everywhere x





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