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Guerrilla Marketing

If you’ve known me for any length of time you’ll know how I bang on about Guerrilla Marketing; raising brand awareness on little or no budget, being alert to opportunities, putting time, effort, and imagination in.

Well, this is just that for me today; featured in Daily Mail #mailonsunday alongside all of these other fantastic small businesses.

I entered a competition with Federation of Small Businesses to win £3k of FREE advertising, & guess what, I won; this is the start of a 2 week campaign.

Now I could just take that on face value, yay I won and the ads can roll…

However I won’t, I’ll deploy Guerrilla Marketing creativity in these coming weeks to get added mileage.

Previously these tactics have got me ‘money shots’ for my products and brand, got me on national TV and meeting royalty.

When you’ve given half a chance it’s up to you to take it and make it into more.

I’m not sure what I’ll do over this 2 week campaign, I’ll jump in as my imagination takes me, but I WILL do something

I’m walking my talk of the advice I dish out of being a positive disruptive influence.

What can you do using your imagination to be a positive disruptive influence in your sector, for your brand and product?


That asset is forever for me now 💥, and if you can put some time into this form of marketing it can add to your assets too!

Here’s some ways you can get your Guerrilla Marketing kicking into action;

  • See if there’s something happening in your local, regional news that you can ‘hook’ your service, brand or product to?
  • Are you using all media channels open to you and fully utilising these?
  • Is there a success one of your clients have had you can share?
  • Is there an influencer whoose eye you can catch and do something there?
  • Do you have an event; online or offline coming up you can optimise?

Once you get your thinking and creative cap on there’s absolutely no limits to where this can take you.

I’d love to know what tactic you kick into action, and the wins you get from them, so please do keep me posted!

Claire x




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