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"You’ve only got three choices in life: Give Up, Give In or Give it all you’ve got."

I have real experience in inventing, launching and developing a food brand and business; with the battle scars to prove it! As a result, awarded with genuine relevant experience in the retail & speciality food sector and a depth of authentic knowledge across many of its categories.

This experience on the front line gives me a unique open-minded appreciation of your challenges, juggles, stresses and wins.  I’ve honed my tools/skill sets to work with you to create your successful brand, retail sales strategy and growth.

With a very straightforward and transparent approach, I operate to a clear work ethic:

Achieve results using the minimum cost of resource for the maximum return.

  • First of all, grasp where you are and what you’d like to achieve.
  • Then develop a strategic action plan to realise this as fast and cost effectively as possible.
  • In conclusion; deliver your aims in a thorough and results driven way.

I’ve had extensive involvement with high profile TV and media therefore have knowledge, experience and understanding of what this entails.  How best you deal with it and most importantly how to gain maximum exposure and benefit.

My website provides a brief insight into what I can deliver and how I work.  That said, I 100% understand and appreciate every business and brand is unique so welcome speaking with you.  Getting a feel for your business and aims enables me to tailor a bespoke approach which best fits your company.

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I contacted Claire when I had reached a point with my business where I need to adapt to a new challenge and make key decisions to enable me to achieve my goals. I was completely overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone despite having been successfully awarded a new opportunity. Claire’s calm, warm and efficient approach was just what I need to focus on my new priorities and whilst still delivering on my current remit. She has an eye for strategic planning and a great way of breaking the process into ‘bite size’ pieces to take away the overwhelm. I enjoyed the first session and would recommend anyone needing a business coach to invest in themselves and work with Claire.

Barbara Bray , Alo Solutions Ltd