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9:00 am - 5:15 pm
West London Food Innovation Lab, Ealing London

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What Claire brought to us was a depth of knowledge, padding each area of concern which brought a three-dimensional understanding to our business. She brought life to the numbers but more than this, her intuitive brilliance, advice and guidance has been pivotal to get us to where we are today. Funnily enough, we have come across many hurdles and it is that moment when the founders (we are a small family business) look at each other and say, ‘shall we ring a friend?’ and Claire is the go-to person. Working with Claire has been a sheer delight. Her honesty, integrity and pure grit shines. What strikes us more about Claire, is her incredible intuitive nature…she is known to close her eyes in a mindful way and come back in a corporate way with a visceral reply, which never fails to be the correct advice.  Claire is a true and real sounding board and will, we hope, be part of the Junius journey in the future.

Paul & Maria | Junius

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