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If you’ve known me for any length of time you’ll know how I bang on about Guerrilla Marketing; raising brand awareness on little or no budget, being alert to opportunities, […]

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Being a solo founder is hard. Being a solo founder in the beverage industry when you previously had no experience in the beverage industry is not only hard – sometimes it feels downright impossible. When I started working with Claire, I needed someone who knew how to :

1.) Build a challenger brand from scratch without bags of money

2.) Cut out the noise (both in real life & in my mind) to focus the business strategy towards success

If you’re a solo founder and are at the stage in your journey where you can see success in your future but are struggling to clear the way to getting there – you need to work with Claire.

The Winning Mix coaching format gave me the structure & advice I needed to get out of my head & clear my path. I finished with renewed confidence in both myself and my business. I would recommend Claire any day.

Asma Bandey; Kashmiri Tea House, Botanical Cold Brew

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