The Winning Mix - The Food Guide Claire Brumby
The Winning Mix

The Winning Mix

Launch and grow your food business without selling your soul

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Pop over and read a preview and all the reviews – you won’t be disappointed.

Since launching on the 6th September, I’m delighted to have received 45 x 5 star reviews, and reached #2 in the Amazon Charts in 2 categories.

My book also comes with a guarantee to save you time, money and sanity…it really will!

Whats in my book though, and how can it help you?

I have broken down the process of launching a food business in to 8 steps, I cover all of these throughout the chapters.  Each chapter has 3 sections:

  • The story of what I did at each stage of launching and growing my brand
  • One of the 8 steps I have developed
  • What would Claire do now? This bit is where I share what I would do in the same situation now with the knowledge and expertise I now have

Throughout the book there are also:

  • ‘Claire’s Diamonds’ these are ‘digestible snippets’ designed to inspire, motivate, encourage and give added value to the reader to help them with situations I know they will be facing at a given stage of their journey
  • ‘Real Accounts’ these are testimonials/words from my clients whom I have worked with recently in their businesses
  • Whilst my book is clearly aimed at food businesses, the lessons, processes, insights, diamonds etc. are transferable to any startup, and I believe will help them equally
  • A full chapter packed full of top tips for:
    • Pitching to buyers
    • Raising investment
    • Exhibiting at shows
    • De-mything some of the industry acronyms
    • My top 10 business tips
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