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Hi! I’m Claire – I’m a Trained & Internationally Accredited Business Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author, and I’m here to help you grow & scale your products & your business.

You’re a business owner who wants to work with a coach who really ‘gets’ your journey and can help you achieve goals, growth and greatness for you brand.

I absolutely can do this: you’ll get first-hand knowledge and experience gained through founding my own multi-award-winning products into a fiercely competitive sector and industry. I took this from conception through to multiple and high-profile listings, nationally and internationally (I am proud to say they are now sold in 21 countries) so I completely understand your journey.

You’ll get a combination of my skills as a trained coach, acumen of 25 years in the business world, knowledge & experience with my intuition and a clear strategy.

This gives you a bespoke entrepreneurial approach guaranteed to get you the results you need. I believe challengers & disrupters are the future, and it’s time to start thinking and behaving like one.

My mission is simple…to help YOUR business and YOUR brand, grow and thrive profitably.

I am a proud mum to my 3 children, a Virgin Start-Up Mentor and a judge for numerous industry awards. I regularly write and deliver seminars, workshops and masterclasses for clients like Nottingham Trent University, and London Metropolitan & South Bank Universities on subjects like; building a brand, launching a product-based business, routes to market, innovation, pitching to buyers and so much more.

I was thrilled to be nominated in The National Mentoring awards by some of my clients for the mentoring I do with them. And equally thrilled too, to be a finalist in the Specialist Category in The Business Book Awards with The Winning Mix, so when you work with me you can be 100% confident that I am the right person to help.

I have appeared on national TV and radio stations sharing my business insights, and have been featured in Forbes and other publications, oh…and I swam The English Channel in a relay team in June 2018!

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Being a solo founder is hard. Being a solo founder in the beverage industry when you previously had no experience in the beverage industry is not only hard – sometimes it feels downright impossible. When I started working with Claire, I needed someone who knew how to :

1.) Build a challenger brand from scratch without bags of money

2.) Cut out the noise (both in real life & in my mind) to focus the business strategy towards success

If you’re a solo founder and are at the stage in your journey where you can see success in your future but are struggling to clear the way to getting there – you need to work with Claire.

The Winning Mix coaching format gave me the structure & advice I needed to get out of my head & clear my path. I finished with renewed confidence in both myself and my business. I would recommend Claire any day.

Asma Bandey; Kashmiri Tea House, Botanical Cold Brew

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