ICF Trained & Accredited Executive Coach, Claire Brumby


Are you a successful and ambitious entrepreneur, managing director, executive, leader or CEO and feel like you’ve plateaued and want more?

I’m not just talking more money or strategic growth here, I’m talking well-being, balance, fulfilment, motivation, happiness and time too.

You know you have an INCREDIBLE amount of potential.

Maximise your potential

Why me?

I’m Claire Brumby, an experienced ICF trained and accredited executive coach and business mentor, an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, NLP Practitioner and best-selling author.

Most importantly, I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and want to get off.

I’ve felt like this twice in my career.  Firstly, when I worked in hospitality for 20 years, and secondly when I invented and launched my own, now global multi-award winning FMCG brand.

I also know first-hand that when the fun goes, the passion dies. So, let’s bring the fun and passion back into your work life so you can fly even higher, to the place where deep in your soul you know you have the potential to reach.

You wouldn’t be here reading this if something inside you didn’t believe that.

Work with me as your executive coach and you, your team and your business will gain that all-important clarity and focus to accelerate growth and build the business, life or career you’ve always wanted.

Why shouldn’t you have it all?

What do you want to stop doing?

What do you want more of?

What is the legacy you want to leave and how are you going to make this happen?

Leadership coaching with me will help you figure all this out and more importantly help you get there; off that hamster wheel onto the ride of your life that you make a conscious choice to jump on!

Pricing for leadership coaching start at £10,000, for more details and for us to have a right fit ‘chemistry’ call, please click here to book a call with me.

Ready to jump on a call with me?

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You may feel like you’re just ticking those boxes and not growing as a business leader or individual. You might have your sh*t together in many ways but feel like you’re unravelling in others.

If this is resonating with you, it’s time to realise that you CAN maximise your potential personally and professionally, have more of what you WANT and leave a meaningful legacy behind.

Work with me and together, we can help you have it all.

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Any road will do if you don’t know where you’re going, but you may well end up in the wrong place with the wrong business or life on your hands.

What happens next…

  1. Get in touch. Book a 15-min coffee chat with me or contact me directly so we can talk about your needs.
  2. Start your executive coaching sessions. We’ll first map out where you are, where you want to be and explore what you need to do to make this happen.
  3. Take action. As you start to implement your unique blueprint, you’ll start to see results almost immediately.
  4. Track and review. Throughout the process, we’ll measure and track your journey to create a life, career or business that you love.

Together we can get you commercially fit so you can perform at the highest level.

Start performing at an even higher level. Contact me to find out more.

What my previous clients say...

Claire has the amazing ability to give you that ‘aha’ moment and make everything simple, clear and actionable. I’m amazed at how much my business has changed in just one year! And how much I’ve changed and the way I’m running it! From confusion and overwhelm, with Claire’s guidance and came out the other end with so much more clarity, confidence and I’ve learned so much. I will continue to work with Claire. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone serious about building a business.

Diana Murphy | Nourish Awards

I contacted Claire when I had reached a point with my business where I needed to adapt to a new challenge and make key decisions to enable me to achieve my goals. I was completely overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone despite having been successfully awarded a new opportunity. Claire’s calm, warm and efficient approach was just what I needed to focus on my new priorities whilst still delivering on my current remit. She has an eye for strategic planning and a great way of breaking the process into ‘bite size’ pieces to take away the overwhelm. I enjoyed the first session and would recommend anyone needing a business coach to invest in themselves and work with Claire.

Barbara Bray MBE | ALO Solutions

We have been working with Clare for just under 6 months.  Our business has grown and was successful, but we needed a plan to get us to the next stage, to be challenged and guided.  Working with Claire has given us a very clear focus.  We have made decisions quickly and it has given us a very clear direction, we are able to decide and take action in between each session, ready for the next decision at the following session.

We have indeed stepped up and are ready for the next phase of growth in our business.  We know exactly where we are headed and are looking forward to getting there.  We had many choices to make when choosing a coach to work with. Claire has been exactly what we needed for our business, as well as being lovely to work with.

Caroline Gowing | Founding Director | Pink Spaghetti PA Services

I asked Claire to provide mentoring support to members in my online membership group, The 6 Figure Club for help in their strategy’s. Claire delivered on this, using her strategic skills and business experience, the feedback from the members has been nothing short of amazing, I highly recommend Claire to any business wanting a mentor, strategy or performance coaching.

Sháá Wasmund MBE | Changemaker | Speaker | Mentor | Author

We have been working with Claire for several months now and she has really helped us to take our business to a new level.  She has encouraged us to move forward with projects we have been procrastinating on for many years and has helped us to crystalise our strategy and focus for the coming year.  She challenges some of our ideas and helps us to work through problems.  Her experience in the commercial world has been really valuable and we are thoroughly enjoying working with her.

Vicky Matthews | Founding Director | Pink Spaghetti PA Services

Working with Claire has been a really important part of starting my new business.

She is a brilliant mix of business strategist, mentor and cheer leader who above all has helped me believe in the potential of my business and put the steps in place I need to make it happen.

Claire has a wonderful way of keeping you fixed on the bigger picture at the same time as letting you explore the finer details.

Above all, Claire has given me the confidence I really needed to grow and take my business to the next level.

Heather Carr | Founder | Kill It with Quizzes

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