ICF Trained & Accredited Performance Coach, Claire Brumby


Are you fulfilling the mission, purpose, and potential you were put on this earth to achieve?

What’s holding you back from levelling up and becoming the confident, soul-happy person you want to be?

When you boil it all down, performance is simply identifying where you are, where you want to be and reducing the gap by formulating the strategy for that journey.

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Why me?

I’m Claire Brumby, an experienced and ICF trained and accredited performance coach and business mentor, an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, NLP Practitioner and best-selling author.

When you invest in working with me, you, your team, and your business will gain that all-important clarity and focus to accelerate growth and build the business and life that you’ve always dreamed of.

My mission and intention are really very simple; I want you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.  What I bring to this mission is my years of experience, my intuition, knowledge, qualifications, and accreditation.

What you bring is openness to change, willingness to go all in and a resolve to get stuck in.

I help you move out of your own way, challenge you, hold you accountable, cheer you on and be your wing-woman: all with the ONE aim of you becoming the best version of you! Helping you build your business on your terms; creating the life you desire.

I truly believe you can’t separate the business owner from the business. So, when we work together, we work holistically taking everything into account, so you achieve breakthroughs which ultimately lead to you living the fulfilled life you dream of.

So you simply need to bring an open attitude towards change and the resolve to go all in. Then you can take the action that delivers the greatest results. That’s how the magic happens!

All sessions with me are treated in the strictest confidence and trust me, I go all in too. I want results for you as much as you want them for yourself.

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Coaching that gets results!

I believe that every person and business need a coach. It’s all too easy to stand in our own way – and often this is where the difference between your success and feeling constantly challenged lies.

I’ll help you:

  • Get clear on your vision and goals and hold you accountable
  • Develop an action plan to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be; personally, and professionally
  • Overcome anything that could be holding you back
  • Build your confidence to help you achieve your best
  • Bring your dreams to life

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If you want it, really want it, nothing or no one can stand in your way; turn your power up

Please note, all sessions and packages are subject to VAT at 20%.

  • Single Sessions

    Pick My Brains

    quick fire 15 mins sort your sh*t out – ain’t nobody got time to sit stuck!


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    60 min to kickstart you again. The wheels come off sometimes, balls get dropped, and the plates stop spinning!  It’s all workoutable though; let’s work it out!


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    half day face to face coaching & mentoring + travel expenses.


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    Claire's Diamond

    Write your history…and change your future

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    Fire-Up Activation Day

    Full Day Face to face coaching & mentoring + travel expenses.


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    Claire's Diamond

    Growth hides where fear resides…bite the bullet

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  • Packages


    Group Coaching 12-week transformation – next intake January, contact me to get on the waiting list.

    £295 per month

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    min commitment of 12 months, up to 75 min session once per month

    £395 per month

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    The Winning Mix

    90 days you and me sorting your sh*t out and transforming your life; one straight-talking step at a time, strong words yes, however, we go deep, real deep.  No stone or limiting belief is left unturned. There is work involved here, you must be willing to come to the table in your entirety; the deeper you go the higher you fly.  3 monthly instalments of £999

    £999 per month

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    Up Level

    ready to move up a level?  Leave your comfort zone behind, harness your power, rediscover, and elevate your confidence? Set some strong goals and stretched intentions and smash them! I’ll challenge, support, and motivate you to achieve what your next level looks like.  Up to 75 min sessions taken fortnightly or weekly – £650/£1300 per month.  Min commitment 6 months.

    From £650 per month

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    Claire's Diamond

    Choose life.  Whatever you do make sure you’re happy, we are not here forever

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    12-month Signature Diamond Coaching Programme. Do you want a stable and sustainable business and are you ready to play bigger? I can help you step out of your comfort zone and stand alongside you as your make the journey towards greater success. I’ll reignite your energy, help you gain a better understanding of your strengths and help you discover the clarity and confidence to achieve your goals.  £14995.  Initial payment of £3995 followed by 11 x £1000.


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What my previous clients say...

Before working with Claire, I was struggling to grasp where I wanted to go with my life and business. I knew I wanted a change, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like or how I could make it work. I’m now halfway through working with Claire and I am so pleased that I am. I’ve now got clarity in where I’m aiming for, and I know what to do to get there. Most importantly, Claire’s brilliant blend of business coaching and mentoring means that I’ve been able to find what works best for me, with a little guidance along the way! No longer do I feel like I’m building the business everyone else is telling me I need to have; instead, I’m building the business that truly excites me. Thank you so much, Claire!

Amy Leighton | Mindset & Confidence Coach

We’ve been working together for about six months now, and every time we speak, it is like a massive change happens in my brain. We literally go through any pain points that I’ve got in my business and we’ve been having big breakthroughs. A lot of change has happened for me in business over the last six months. Without having Claire, I just don’t think I could have actually done what I’ve done. Yes, I just want to recommend her to anybody who’s thinking about using a high-performance coach to really supercharge their business to the next level.

Victoria Prince | Touchpoints Marketing

Quite simply, Claire has been a fantastic coach to me from Day 1! She’s provided excellent guidance from an early stage of my business, always challenging my thinking in a positive way. Helping me to think big as my business evolved and ultimately enabling me to perform at my absolute best! Easy to talk to, highly supportive and very knowledgeable, if you’re looking for someone to really help you to fulfil your business goals, I can’t recommend her enough.

Alexei Khatiwada | Lexis Treats

Since starting coaching with Claire, I have felt empowered, and my confidence has grown significantly. Claire was able to support me during a time of my life and career when I was at a real crossroads, constantly questioning my decisions and doubting myself.

Through effective tools and powerful questions Claire was able to help me stand strong with my true identity as a Mum, business owner and a career woman. She helped me to see a future that excited me and that I feel able to achieve. She helped me to understand what my blocks were and enabled me to find solutions to bash them down and move forwards!

Thank you, Claire, you’ve honestly been a huge part in planning and taking action to create a successful future that I am so excited about.

Gemma Sewell | Career Success Coach

Claire is a genuine and down to earth coach who listens wholeheartedly to her clients and their needs. She is supportive yet challenging in her approach creating that stretch and the ability to step out of one’s way that is an oh-so beneficial quality to any coaching process.

Claire walks her talk having experienced highs and lows on her own journey making her very accessible to clients who are reaching to achieve their dreams.

Personally, I achieved some great insights through working with Claire that really helped me in my process and to realign to who I am at my core, play to my strengths and step into my own potential. Working with Claire allowed me to truly recognise and own that!

Corinna Kingston | Executive Coach | CK Coaching & Consulting

Having read Claire’s truly amazing and essential book, page by page I felt an instant draw to her professionalism and relatability, I couldn’t wait to turn each page and screen shot so many of her Diamonds to my phone! I had done so much the same, and she showed me so much more of what to avoid and where to push myself. After a short time of following online I made the leap to get in touch with Claire. I have now enjoyed several sessions, all prelaunch and each one invaluable for the business, but more than that, the main gain has been the confidence and reassurance Claire has given me in my abilities and personal development. Her passion and genuine exuberance to see you succeed is so inspiring and I am really looking forward to growing my business and involving Claire as much as possible.

Lizz Adair | Founder/Top Cat! | Nutriwolds

My hour’s session with Claire was the beginning of a new chapter for me. In just that short time it gave me the space and guidance to really challenge where I am going with my business and what I am want from life both personally and professionally. The questions and challenges Claire set have provided me with a structured way to set my goals for 2022 and beyond. I will be in touch with Claire to continue to support me as I implement what we have worked on together so far.

Dan | LinkedIn Professional

I’ve just had an hour’s call with Claire, which was like a double espresso for my goals. I came to the call feeling tired and drained. Claire’s energy, questions, and advice were the caffeine fix my business needed. Now I’m all fired up and ready to make changes. If your business is stuck in a rut, I totally recommend giving it the double-shot extra-hot support and clarity that Claire provides!

Be warned there’s no sitting about – she’ll have you up, energised and falling back in love with your business in no time!

Stephanie | Coach

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